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We have Ozark-inspired fantasy stories, photography, books and crafts inspired by the Ozarks to help you reconnect to nature. For those of you with your own land in the right places we offer plants to help re-establish your American ginseng habitats.

Browse the blog. If you can’t really be in the country up close to the wilderness, you can vicariously live alongside the duo that makes up the Wild Ozark team. Sharing this with you is part of my purpose in life and it makes me feel good to know you’re enjoying the time you spend here. So leave a comment every once in a while!

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Wild Ozark Table of Contents

1. Nature as Muse, Nurturer

Click here to go to my Reconnect to Nature page where I have an index to my own articles and links to headlines I’ve curated from across the web. Leave a comment to add suggestions to more links.

 2. Blog

  1. All of it
  2. Nature
  3. Ginseng
  4. Homesteading
  5. Musings
  6. Ozarks

3. Presentations/Virtual Herbwalks

  1. Slide-Show DVD’s
  2. Full-page, color e-books
  3. Book a presentation

4. Wild Ozark Nursery 

This part of our website is still under construction, but we are taking mailing addresses for brochures/price lists. We’ll send these out in early spring, so go to the link and use the form to submit your information to get your copy.

  1. Schedule
  2. Brochure Mailing list
  3. Ginseng Plants
  4. Companion Plants

5. Ginseng Information

  1. Headlines and Blog Pages
  2. Downloadable Articles
  3. FREE Articles
  4. Books

6. Monthly Newsletter

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7. Non-fiction/Fiction Inspired by Nature and the Ozarks

My fantasy website is where you’ll find podcasts, flash fiction, and more. Still working on this page, but some stories are uploaded now.

  1. Fantasy Podcasts/Stories
  2. My Nature-Inspired Books

8. Contact Us

Wild Ozark, LLC is located in the Boston Mountains of the Ozarks. It’s part of an area called the Highlands found between Fayetteville and Harrison in Madison county, Arkansas (USA). Very remote, rugged and beautiful land. We’re not open to the public, but you can easily get in touch through email or the various social media. Our contact information and a contact form is on this page.

In spring we’ll be at the Huntsville, AR Farmer’s market beginning in April 2015. The operating days are usually Tuesdays 7-12 and possibly on Saturdays.


Nature Writing by Madison Woods

Many of my blog posts are observations on nature, and oftentimes the focus is on plants. My specialty is American ginseng and the companion plants that live in the same habitat as ginseng. I have a new series of photo-essay books featuring these plants called “Into the Ginseng Wood”. They’re filled with beautiful images of the plants and nature of the deep woods of the Ozarks and serve as virtual herb or nature walks. The first one is called “Before the Unfurling” and it takes the reader into the woods just before ginseng begins to unfurl. I post a lot of photos of our beautiful surroundings on the blog and write about life on our homestead. But I also write fantasy stories and these are influenced or inspired by the things I see and experience out here in the wild Ozarks. Things that cause my imagination to stir. To learn more about how these hills and my life in the wilds influence my fiction writing, you can read this post called “My Ideas Come from the Gaps“. If you like fantasy/scifantasy fiction you might enjoy my fiction website.

Article Name
Wild Ozark
Madison Woods writes about plants and Nature in the Ozarks. To help you reconnect to nature, Wild Ozark offers stories, photos, books & articles about American ginseng and life in the rural wild Ozark mountains of northwest Arkansas.

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