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Welcome to Wild Ozark!

We are bridging the gap between people and the natural world, reminding that we are part of a larger whole, celebrating through stories the imagination that knows all we see is not always all there is. Scifantasy stories and novels, nature articles and books, information about wild-simulated ginseng and adventures in the wild Ozarks of northwest Arkansas.

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  • Madison Woods is one half of the Wild Ozark team. She writes fiction and non-fiction. Her Story-telling is influenced by her life in the wilds of the Ozark mountains where she and her husband (the other half of the team) live in northwest Arkansas. The genre she writes is a blend of science-fiction and fantasy. Although her stories are almost always influenced by her strong connection to nature, and sometimes have settings in or in places similar, they’re not about the Ozarks. Rob is the head coffee bean procurer & roaster, rock retaining wall designer and builder, idea man, woodworking craftsman and is responsible for the creative engineering feats required to keep our homestead and business in order. When we get a few more of the critical homestead infrastructure projects marked off his list he’ll begin working on some more of the creative ideas he has to add to our catalog.
  • Wild Ozark distributes Ginseng Information. While future plans involve offering ginseng and companion plants for sale to local buyers, the present offerings involve teaching others to grow their own virtually wild ginseng. Wild Ozark offers books to help with identifying proper habitat and also offers consultations (on site, online, and self-guided) to help others determine the best habitat on their land. For those of you interested in growing your own virtually-wild ginseng, here’s a FREE‬ Tip sheet on what kind of areas make the best American ginseng habitat => Planning to Plant Ginseng … Please share!
  • More Books are always on the horizon, but for now there are these: Sustainable Ginseng (about growing virtually wild ginseng), Wild Ozark Herbs (a Kindle picture book capturing the beauty of the Ozark plants), and 1 x 50 x 100, a collection of flash fiction stories by 50 different authors from around the world.
  • At her Blog Madison shares the fun and adventure of a homesteading writer living in the rural Ozarks.
  • Shop Wild Ozark for stories, information, and products inspired by our beautiful Ozark environment and our nature-based activities.


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About Madison Woods

Madison writes books, handbooks and articles about American Ginseng, and sci-fantasy influenced by or set in the Ozarks. She blogs about her life in the Wild Ozarks. She welcomes new connections through the various social medias - follow by clicking the icons below.